4 Garage Conversion Ideas for 2020

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Imagine having an extra room in your home that you can convert into a space that was all your own. It’s 2020, and you can easily add that extra living space by converting your garage into a dream room.

Whether it’s growing children or multigenerational living, when space gets tight, homeowners are finding creative ways to make more room on a budget. Garage conversions in California – where real estate is expensive, and neighbors are close – requires more consideration than refinishing a basement.

Below are four garage conversion ideas that can create a space-sharing platform, an additional form of income, and add more value to your home if you ever decide to sell.

1. Garage Conversion to an Office

Remote work, work from home positions, and self-employed are on the rise. And while working from the bedroom and sofa are great, it’s proven that a proper workspace increases productivity. Converting your garage into an office also doubles as an ideal quiet space for the children to concentrate on their school work.

2. Garage Conversion to a Gym

Transform your living space and your health and fitness at the same time. A family gym allows you to exercise at a time and place that works for you. Do you already have a treadmill or stationary bike awkwardly stashed in the bedroom or living room? Convert your garage into a home gym and de-clutter your home in the process.

3. Garage Conversion to a Playroom

A playroom is only one of the many things you can create when repurposing your garage. Whether you have younger children or older teens, a playroom or den could be the answer to your extra-space prayers! With younger children, toys pile up and as they grow older, they want their own space for video games and a place to socialize with their friends.

4. Garage Conversion to an Extra Bedroom

Converting a garage into a living space is no easy job. It includes raising the floor, insulating the walls, adding heating, cooling and ventilation, and updating doors and windows. Before you begin a garage makeover, take the time to consider all aspects of the project and call experienced architects at Trist Architectural Design.

A common problem when converting a garage is that the space still looks like a garage. How do you make it look like a relaxing, inviting living space? To transform your garage into a true wing of your home, you’ll need to:

· eliminate any evidence of the old garage door openings

· install plenty of windows

· add rooftop design elements- such as dormer windows

Our experienced architects at Trist Architectural Design can help you add design elements. For more information on how you can make one of these ideas a reality, contact us today for a no-obligation survey.

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