Sitting in a peaceful and quiet corner of Evergreen in San Jose, the property has been built since the 60's and it definitely needs a new design to match with the modern taste. Catching the beautiful time in the year to begin any outdoor project; this house has been fully remodeled to its owner preferences within 6 months. The result was stunning after putting on a new look after 60 years;

  • Convert family room to a master bedroom with a bathroom and walk-in closet

  • Kitchen remodel

  • Remove and replace windows and patio doors

  • Create opening between living room and kitchen

  • New closet set in existing master bedroom

  • Enlarge existing master bath and walk-in closet

  • New ceiling light fixtures

  • Replace exterior doors


Photo Jun 01, 12 31 47 PM (1)
Photo Jun 01, 12 31 47 PM (1)